Monocacy Equine Wellness Programs

1 – Basic Wellness Program

Spring Visit #1 (Feb – Mar)

  • Vaccination (Flu/Rhino, Potomac Horse Fever)
  • Coggins Test
  • Fecal Exam
  • Physical Exam includes: Examination of heart, eyes, lungs, GI system, skin and hooves, assessment of overall body condition, weight, tape measurement and analysis of conformation and gait. A written report is included with this exam documenting normal and abnormal findings and recommendations.

Late Spring/Early Summer Visit #2 (May – June)

  • Vaccination (Potomac Horse Fever, EWE/Tetanus and West Nile Virus)

Fall Visit #3 (Oct – Nov)

  • Vaccination (Rabies and Flu/Rhino)
  • Dentistry (floating + sedation)
  • Recommendation for winter
  • Fecal Exam

The price of the MEVA Basic Wellness Program is $470.00 if signed by 1/31/18, and $480.00 after 2/1/19.

2 – Wellness Program for the Mature Horse

This program is suggested for older (12 and older) horses. The program encompasses the Basic Wellness Program plus a CBC, Blood Chemistry and a second follow-up exam in the fall.

The price of the MEVA Wellness Program for Mature Horses is $580.00 if signed by 1/31/18, and $590.00 after 2/1/19.

***We are now offering an additional hoof x-ray package (4 x-rays) for Wellness Horses for $180.00***

Additional treatments or procedures that require more time may need to be scheduled for another day.

A call fee will not be charged if three or more horses are enrolled at the same stable.

Dewormers are not included as part of the wellness program but can be purchased or administered at any appointment.

Please call our office to schedule the three Wellness Program visits. We will send reminder cards and e-mail reminders.

Equine Wellness Programs Authorization

  • Please re-enroll by January 31st, 2019 before the start of the 2019 vaccine season. The program period is 1 year from date of commencement.
  • In order to provide the cost savings to you, the payment must be made at time of enrollment by check, cash or credit card.
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