Equine Internal Medicine in Maryland

Monocacy Equine is equipped to fully diagnose and treat horses with gastrointestinal problems, pneumonia, liver or kidney disease, chronic weight loss, neurologic disease, ophthalmic and dermatologic disorders, neonatal and pediatric diseases and colic at our equine clinic.

Endoscopy & Gastroscopy

Endoscopy uses video cameras to image the horse’s airway allowing us to identify problems. Gastroscopy of the stomach allows us to diagnose gastric ulcers.

IV Fluid Therapy

Colic treatment requires a complete physical exam which includes monitoring the horse’s vital signs, a rectal exam and nasal gastric intubation. Monocacy Equine is equipped to provide intravenous fluid therapy when colics do not respond to initial therapy. Non-surgical colic conditions include colitis, enteritis, impactions and certain spasmodic and gas colics.

Neonatal Care

Neonatal intensive care requires early identification of the newborn’s specific problems, intensive 24 hour management and observation by experienced nursing personnel. Monocacy Equine is capable of providing intravenous antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medications, ulcer drugs, fluid therapy, IV or oral nutritional support and respiratory support with oxygen therapy.

SurgeryEquine Internal Medicine and Equine Dentistry in Maryland

Monocacy Equine is equipped to handle most standing surgeries and many neonate procedures in the clinic. All surgical cases are hospitalized with continual care & monitoring.

Minor surgeries include:

  • Castrations (standing or recumbent)
  • Umbilical hernia repair
  • Tumor excisions
  • Biopsies
  • Wound repair
  • Fractured splint bone removal
  • Reproductive tract procedures
  • Ophthalmic irrigation device installation
  • Laser Surgery
  • Hoof surgical procedures