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Horses require annual vaccine boosters at regular intervals to prevent certain diseases. In addition to vaccines, horses need to be placed on a program of dewormers throughout the year based on fecal exams.  Additionally horses should to have their teeth checked annually or bi-annually and floated according to the veterinarian’s recommendations.

Below are a list of the services Monocacy Equine offers at our clinic to help you maintain your horse’s good health and wellness.

Vaccinations & Deworming

Routine vaccinations are an important part of maintaining a healthy horse. Monocacy Equine’s full vaccination and deworming recommendations are available here on our web site, click Health Protocols under Horse Care.

Dental Services

Monocacy Equine provides equine dentistry in Maryland.  It is very important to have your horse’s teeth examined by your veterinarian at least once a year.  Routine dental care improves feed utilization and is important for underweight and older horses.  We offer a variety of dental services including floating, bite alignment, tooth extraction and more.

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Coggins Tests, Health Interstates, Insurance Exams

Depending on the use of your horses, you may need to transport them within or outside of your state and will need updated Coggins tests or an Interstate certificate.  Some individuals compete internationally and require International  Health Certifications.  Clients may also need Equine Insurance Medical & Mortality examinations to provide coverage in the event their horse requires extensive medical care.

Monocacy Equine can readily provide the necessary examinations and certificates.