Equine Sports MedicineEquine Sports Medicine and Equine Dentistry in Maryland in Maryland

Lameness Examinations

Lameness exams involve close observation of the horse in hand, lunged and under tack. Diagnostic nerve blocks may be done followed by a radiographic exam and analysis. Digital radiographs and ultrasounds provide immediate high quality images.

Pre-Purchase Exams

Before purchasing a new horse, whether it be for pleasure riding or upper level competition, it’s overall health and condition should be thoroughly investigated.

A complete physical exam, soundness performance evaluation, radiology, ultrasonography, endoscopy, blood work and drug screening can be performed.

Pro Stride Therapy

Pro Stride is the newest therapy available which combines PRP with IRAP and utilizes healing properties from a horse’s own blood to block harmful inflammatory proteins in the joint. PRP alone can also be processed from this system to treat tendon or ligament inflammation or tears. In many cases horses treated with Pro Stride have maintained soundness for up to 18 months as opposed to traditional steroid treatment which provides pain relief for 6-12 months but doesn’t have long term healing properties and can eventually degrade cartilage and cause damage to joint structure. The entire process takes just 30 minutes from blood draw to finished product of PRP or PRP/IRAP.

IRAP Therapy

IRAP (Interleukin-1 Receptor Antagonist Protein) Therapy is from a relatively new group of anti-arthritis treatment.

IRAP is a naturally occurring protein that works to protect joints by occupying receptor sites on the membrane of cartilage cells. Harvested blood is incubated for 24 hours to increase anti-inflammatory and regenerative protein concentration levels. The extracted serum can be used immediately or frozen for future use. IRAP therapy is particularly useful for horses previously treated with corticosteroids with little or no improvement.

Electro Shockwave Therapy (ESWT)

Electro Shockwave Therapy uses high energy pulses to stimulate the healing response in injured bone and soft tissue. The shockwaves increase circulation in the affected area, allowing new bone and soft tissue cells to form. This procedure is used to treat tendonitis, suspensory ligament injuries, fractures and arthritis. The ESWT procedure may be performed in our clinic or at your farm for your convenience.

Acupuncture and Chiropractic

Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years to treat performance issues such as arthritis and back pain as well as chronic disorders such as asthma, anhidrosis (inability to sweat) and infertility. In veterinary medicine, spinal manipulation is the equivalent of chiropractic in people. A dynamic exam is performed on your horse and every joint (axial skeleton and all four limbs) is palpated on the horse to find restrictions. Restrictions are a decrease in the normal range of motion of the joints. They can contribute to pain, muscle atrophy, spooky behavior and overall poor performance. Spinal manipulation restores normal range of motion to the joints to address these issues. Dr. Davis is available for acupuncture and chiropractic (spinal manipulation) treatments for your horse.

MesotherapyEquine Mesotherapy in Maryland

Mesotherapy is designed to reduce muscle spasm and pain associated with the neck and back. Homeopathic and steroidal agents are injected into the skin over the affected area to affect sensory pain fibers. Substantial improvement is expected within 7-14 days. Mesotherapy may be successfully combined with shockwave and exercise management to treat more chronic conditions.