Equine Dentistry in Maryland

Here at Monocacy Equine Veterinary Associates in Maryland, our equine veterinarians are skilled in caring for and cleaning your horse’s teeth and mouth and believe that equine dentistry should be a priority. It is essential that you have your horse’s teeth examined by one of our veterinarians once a year to ensure that your horse is healthy. We offer a variety of equine dentistry services including:


Horses’ teeth are always growing. In the wild, this growth is necessary because it compensates for the wear on teeth from grinding their food. Domesticated horses eat very differently than horses in the wild, and as a result, their teeth tend to wear differently. This can cause their teeth to grow faster than they wear, and also cause sharp edges to develop on the molar arcades. These sharp edges can cause severe cuts in the mouth, which can lead to strange eating behaviors, and sometimes, a refusal to eat.

Floating is the process of removing these sharp edges that develop by filing them down. Floating is important to your horse’s health, but also helps to restore your horse’s mouth to maximum chewing efficiency and comfort.

Bite Alignment

In order for a horse to chew optimally, its incisors should meet in a straight line. This allows for its molar arcades to grind the food. If the teeth are not properly aligned, the horse is susceptible to a wide variety of digestive problems, which can eventually lead to starving to death.

Tooth Extraction

Sometimes, extraction of a horse’s tooth is required. If the tooth is broken or rotten, it might be removed before it causes infections or other problems. Here at Monocacy Equine Veterinary Associates in Maryland, the goal of a tooth extraction is always to keep the horse functional and comfortable. That is why we always carefully consider our options before we move forward with a tooth extraction.

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